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Chelsea Cora

I help people transform their lives from the inside out.


Most people have dreams, goals, and aspirations that supersede their current life circumstances. Yet, so many remain stuck in unfulfilling patterns, relationships, or career paths that cause them to feel perpetually dissatisfied and blocked from reaching their highest potential. Chelsea believes that, in a Universe comprised entirely of energy, any life circumstance can be alchemized, transcended, and transformed when people open themselves up to doing the inner work necessary to shift their reality from the inside out.

Having walked the path of deep inner healing herself, Chelsea inspires audiences through her own vulnerability, self-compassion, and radical honesty. Her message gently ignites feelings of being changed, motivated, and awakened to the possibilities of living a life in alignment with one’s own inner Truth.


About Chelsea

From residing in the cultural underbellies of addiction, mood disorder, and sex work to starting her own business as an intuitive healer and public speaker, Chelsea Cora is no stranger to the radical transformation that is accessible to anyone willing to do their inner work. After years of struggling with low self-esteem, emotional instability, and toxic relationship patterns, Chelsea reached a rock-bottom moment that catapulted her onto the path of spiritual awakening, self-awareness, and deep inner healing.


It was on this journey that Chelsea encountered the life-changing modalities of inner child work, shadow work, and subconscious reprogramming. This inner work eventually propelled her into the empowered realm of conscious co-creatorship, endowing her with the ability to permanently shift her reality from the inside out.


Today Chelsea is deeply passionate about sharing these insights and modalities with others through speaking and one-on-one session work. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys nurturing her connection to Spirit through holding ceremonies, singing, dancing, and connecting to the high vibrational frequency of Mother Earth.

Chelsea Cora

Chelsea's Talks

Making the Unconscious Conscious: Becoming an Energetic Match to Your Dream Life

We’ve all heard the popular law-of-attraction axiom, “change your energy, change your life,” but what many people don’t realize is that most of what comprises our energy exists not within our conscious minds alone, but rather in the subconscious and unconscious layers of the psyche. As the late psychoanalyst Carl Jung suggests, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

In this talk, Chelsea illustrates the life-changing effects of “making the unconscious conscious” in three simple steps. First, she invokes the wisdom of modern psychology to outline why our unconscious parts have so much influence over the life that we are co-creating for ourselves. Then she uncovers what those

unconscious parts are even comprised of (childhood wounding, shadow aspects, cultural programming, etc.). Finally, she discusses some methods for transforming our unconscious parts so that we can fully become an energetic match to the life of our dreams.

This talk will inspire audience members to:

  • Massively shift their perspective of the law of attraction/manifestation.

  • Identify possible subconscious blocks that prevent them from attracting their dream life.

  • Begin walking the path to completely change their realities from the inside out.


Meeting Your Inner Child: Uncover and Activate the Healing Wisdom Within

Although most of us don’t realize it, our subconscious childhood wounding plays an active role in every thought, decision, and action that we endure throughout our adult lives. It is during childhood that we began to form fundamental ideas and belief systems about what the world is, how it works, and what we can expect from life itself. And it is in the unprocessed emotional experiences from childhood that we created negative subconscious images of ourselves and devised safety mechanisms that would hinder us in later years, resulting in behavior and mindset patterns that keep us stuck in unfulfilling relationships, dissatisfying career paths, or other less-than-favorable life circumstances.

Like most things in life, childhood wounding exists on a spectrum. It can range from instances that might not seem like a big deal from our adult perspective to situations that are popularly recognized as explicit emotional trauma. When we begin building a relationship with our own inner child, we begin to heal whatever happened to us in the past that resulted in the limiting beliefs or pervasive sense of unworthiness that we tend to carry around in adulthood. We start to become free, gain access to our hidden talents and gifts, and become much more capable of bridging the gap between where we are in life and where we want to go.


The practical wisdom embodied in this talk (or workshop) provides audiences with many transformational takeaways, including:

  • Begin building a playful and healing relationship with their inner child.

  • Acquire practical guidance for accessing and activating their own inner wisdom.

  • Gain breakthrough understandings of how healing unprocessed emotions from childhood can catapult us into living our Soul purpose.

How to Connect to Your Soul’s Purpose Through Accessing Your Own Internal Guidance System

We live in a world that attempts to define “life purpose” as a role or achievement that is relative to the external world. But what if our actual purpose has very little to do with the outside world at all and more to do with uncovering and living from our most authentic version of self?

Many of us go our entire lives without ever actually knowing who we are because, from the day we are born, we begin the practice of looking out into the external world in order to define or gain a sense of understanding about who we are. We inherit pre-established ideas, judgements, and beliefs about what it means to be a member of a certain gender, ethnicity, economic status, religion, age group, etc. Cultural constructs about what makes us lovable, valuable, beautiful, or worthy. We form unconscious agreements about these matters and live our lives based on them until it becomes nearly impossible to operate beyond of these confines - webs of limiting beliefs and societal constructs that actually have very little to do with who we truly are and the Soul purpose that each of us came here to fulfill.

In this talk, Chelsea reframes the meaning of “purpose” by encouraging audiences to dig deeper into their own inner truths, uncover their most authentic version, and understand the importance of living life according the expertise of their own inner authority.


Key audience takeaways include:


  • Learning to listen to their own internal guidance vs. that of an external authority.

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs around what it means to be “valuable,” “worthy,” etc.

  • Feeling empowered to surrender to the Divine flow of life through connecting to themselves on a deep, spiritual level.


Elizabeth Stephens, Amandla! Founder

Chelsea is a powerful speaker who is able to engage her audience with crafted storytelling.  She shares her truth boldly, and her boldness encourages the audience to make their own personal transformation. I have heard her multiple times share how she overcame self-destructive behavior, and that always elicits tears and a great deal of pride in seeing how she has turned her life around and helped so many other people.

Siddharth Gupta, Investor/Software Engineer

Chelsea is a magnetic, thoughtful, and impactful speaker. She strives to uplift the entire human consciousness with her captivating speeches and healing journeys. She has a unique ability to share her experiences in a way that communicates beyond the meaning of the words and breadth of the topic.

Jason Price, Director of Internal Sales

Chelsea is an accomplished and impactful speaker. Witnessing her story of personal growth and transformation speaks to the unhinged potential one can obtain if you only listen to your inner voice.  Her story has impacted the way I see others and more importantly how I see myself.  You never know what someone is going through, and Chelsea’s story is a testament to what a word of encouragement can do.
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Sean Barton, Lead Software Developer

As a long-standing member of Toastmasters International I have been inspired and entertained by hundreds of speakers.
Chelsea stands out for two reasons: The forcefulness of her presentations and the raw power behind her personal story.
I'm in awe of Chelsea's journey where she escaped the life of a sex worker experiencing substance abuse. Now she sets a path forward towards success for others that are fortunate enough to hear her message.
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