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Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

I help people step into co-creator mode by expanding their awareness through the lens of the Soul.

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Chelsea is incredible to work with for inner child healing. She created a safe place for me to share anything that was coming up for me or past trauma that has been hard to talk about with others.

During our sessions, I connected with so many different younger versions of myself that really needed healing. I no longer have the same triggers that I had for years since working with Chelsea.

She is an intuitive, gifted, and beautiful human being. I will continue to work with her as needed and would recommend her to anyone who is ready to take on their healing journey.

Sophie Jones Wright


I have had the pleasure of having multiple sessions with Chelsea and each has been incredibly transformational and profound. Firstly, Chelsea is one of the most skilled practitioners I have ever worked with, and I say this as a practitioner myself who has also received a lot of sessions. She is excellent at attunement and facilitating positive mind-reprogramming, and is extraordinarily genuine and caring. Even as someone who gets very uncomfortable revealing my pain to others, I have always felt super safe and comfortable with her during sessions, and can attest to her ability to provide grounding and a feeling of unconditional togetherness through the pain. Chelsea truly has a wealth of wisdom and her guidance and messages during the session make the journey even more powerful, because you’re not just getting the healing, but the priceless wisdom that really does feel like Divine guidance—which will be part of the key to unlocking your freedom and joy. I have had so many little awakenings since working with Chelsea and my reality is quickly shifting to mirror that. Each session has been like a (still) unfolding epiphany that actually makes sense, giving me important puzzle pieces that were so missing from my awareness. I haven’t even given myself enough time to fully take in how awestruck I am from these experiences and realizations yet. Yet each week I would feel excitement and relief knowing we had a session scheduled—who could imagine I’d be so eager to dive deep! I couldn’t be more thankful for Chelsea during this time of massive change and growth, and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone looking to experience a real healing homecoming with someone truly more than qualified. I know wholeheartedly it’s one of the best investments you could ever make for yourself.

Camilla Ora


Chelsea is amazing, the session I had with her cannot even be put in to words! This beautiful soul is so gifted, she was able to channel exactly what I needed to hear, and let's not forget about her angelic voice!!! I was easily able to get into a meditative state. I felt so comfortable and safe in her energy, this was an experience that I will cherish forever, thank you Chelsea.

Kyra Graves


I recently had a tarot reading with Chelsea. She brought a lot of insight to my questions and gave me clarity on what I should be focusing on. She's very good at reading tarot cards and also an awesome person. Highly recommend!

Nicole Covault

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